The aim of our training is to reduce the risk and mitigate damage caused by fire. To protect the safety of employees by training nominated staff to have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities and to carry out Fire Safety measures in a safe manner

The learning outcomes of the training will depend on the level of training undertaken but delegates will be able to:

  • Describe basic fire chemistry including the triangle of fire and how fire spreads.
  • Distinguish between the different types of fire extinguishers and demonstrate how to use them correctly.
  • Demonstrate the procedure for a safe evacuation.
  • Follow the correct procedure for raising the fire alarm.
  • List the responsibilities of a Fire Warden.
  • Carry out daily fire safety checks for their nominated areas to maintain safe working environments.

Our proposed approach is that the training is delivered within a classroom environment for the theoretical input. All workshops will involve presentation, multimedia and assessment.

It might also be appropriate for Fire Warden Training to include a Workplace walkabout to underpin any learning

Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Extinguisher training will:

  • Provide delegates with greater awareness and understanding of the dangers of fire.
  • Explain fire behaviour and means of fire spread
  • Provide theoretical and practical input for correct selection and safe use of Fire Extinguishers

Basic Fire Awareness

Basic Fire Awareness training will:

  • Provide skills that will help reduce damage should fire occur.
  • Enhance the understanding of workplace fire precautions and equipment
  • Provide clear instruction on actions to be taken in an emergency
  • Fire Extinguisher Training workshop

Fire Warden Training

Fire Warden training will:

  • Provide a more comprehensive training package
  • Equip nominated staff with the knowledge and understanding of their role and responsibilities in an emergency
  • Explain evacuation procedures and roll call
  • Enable Fire Wardens to safely evacuate their designated areas
  • Provide a Daily Checklist of Fire Safety measures to be adhered to in order to maximise the safety of their work environment.
  • Fire Extinguisher Training workshop.

The details….

Training Timings
Fire Extinguisher Training: 1.5 hours
Basic Fire Awareness Training: Inc Fire Extinguisher Training: 1.5 hours 2.5 hours
Fire Warden Training: Inc Fire Extinguisher Training: 2.5 hours 3.5 hours

Please Note:

Kent Fire Training will provide a set of 4 Fire Extinguishers per session free of charge.

Prices are subject to multiple booking discount and will be available for 6 months from the proposal date.

These timings are flexible and arrangements can be made to reflect business needs and shift patterns.

Delegate Numbers

A maximum of 12 delegates per workshop is optimal but arrangements can be made to suit your needs

Workshop Literature

All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance as well as course handouts.